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About Rogers Magazine Service

Your subscription is provided by Rogers Magazine Service, where you get easy, one-stop shopping for your favourite magazines at money-saving subscription prices. Take your pick from our big selection of top Canadian and U.S. magazines for delivery anywhere in Canada. We provide continuous service subscriptions that last as long as you want, plus convenient credit card payment, backed by a risk-free guarantee and our dedicated Customer Service team.

Rogers Magazine Service is the leading Canadian company providing multi-magazine subscription services for cardholders, loyalty programs and other consumers.

Rogers Magazine Service is owned and operated by Rogers Publishing Limited, which publishes many of Canada's best-known consumer magazines and business publications. Rogers Publishing is a subsidiary of Rogers Media Inc, which includes radio and television broadcasting, and which is part of Rogers Communications Inc, a Canadian Top 500 communications company.

In addition, Rogers Magazine Service works directly with major publishers in Canada and the U.S. to offer you an extensive selection of North America's leading magazines.